Announcement regarding changes in dormitory moving and visitation regulations

Dear residents:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic alert, the Student Housing Service Division will make revisions to regulations regarding dormitory moving and visitation as follows.
I. Dormitory Moving
1. Every day from 08:00 to 17:00, one visitor is permitted to enter the dorm with you to assist with moving, with a time limit of 1 hour.
2. Every dormitory has a limit of 10 visitors and 2 visitors per room during a single session. When the limit is reached, the dormitory will be temporarily closed to visitors until the current ones leave.
3. Visitors must measure temperature at reception, fill out their names and contact information, and exchange an ID for a guest pass.
4. Visitors must wear their guest pass at all times. They must also wear a face mask the entire time and may not eat or drink.
5. Please move your luggage to the door of your room or the first floor lobby; visitors may only stay within the public areas of the dorm to assist with moving, and cannot enter your room.
6. Students who need to move, please fill out your moving time in a Google form provided by each dormitory, to choose a time period with less people.

II. Visitors whose purpose is not to help move, are currently unable to visit the dormitories.
Those who bring visitors without permission will be subject to punishment by Subparagraph 5, Paragraph 1 of Article 19 and Paragraph 4 of Article 19 of the Regulations of Dormitory Management of NTU Students.

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